CS50 1.1 - Hello

Hello Lesson

Terminal = Blue text-box on the bottomFolders above blue text-box are different terminal tabs Can type "cd ~/workspace/(folder name)/(folder name)" to navigate directly Can type "ls" which lists all folders and files in current folder Can type "cd" to go back one folder Can type "cd (foldername)" to go to a folder within current folder Can type "make (filename) to compile a code Can type "./(filename)" to execute a complied code "help50" code is unreliable - can read more at Hello LessonCan type "style50 (filename)" to check for style Folders on the left This is the ~/workspace/ shown in the terminal Can right click on a file or folder and can open in the terminal Center Coding Area Folders above the text-box are different files Executes C-language code Can also become a Terminal if: right click on a file > open terminal here Can write single line comments by typing "//" which voids sai…

The Importance of the Word Processor to the Secretary

“I used to do transcription on a typewriter for a marine surveyor and a physical therapist. The marine surveyor upgraded from a typewriter to a word processor. This was the best thing that I every could have imagined!! It saved me so much time having to go back and correct one little typo that I made! Meanwhile, I was still working for the physical therapist on a typewriter, so I was going back and forth with both, so I really appreciated the word processor. It took some time, but I eventually talked the physical therapist into getting a word processor also. Not only did it change my life, but it changed theirs also.” ~Sarah Rodoalph

My mom chose an innovation that improved her worklife, while I chose something that saved me medically. The innovation of the word processor certainly affected more people than the nebulizer, but the nebulizer is a different type of innovation. Both require a computer, but each takes different types of inputs and gives different forms of outputs.

The Computing Innovation that Saved My Life

The Computing Innovation that impacted my life the most was the nebulizer. A nebulizer is a medical device administered to people that are suffering from an asthma attack. I personally was hospitalized many times and came close to death as an infant. If it weren't for the nebulizer, I would most likely have died as an infant. After getting a prescription by my doctor, I was put onto the nebulizer whenever I would get an attack (my mom had to bring it with us leaving the house). The only issue that remained from it was the errors that it began suffering from after a couple years of use. I began getting half doses because of the degrading machine, but luckily, dosing down increased my immunity to asthma. If it malfunctioned earlier in its lifespan, I could have died, but on the other hand, if it never malfunctioned at all, I may still be relying on it or an inhaler now (I no longer have asthma).